I’ve given private instruction for over 25 years.  I was very lucky that I got to study with not only some of the best drummers/percussionists in the world, but they were also very generous with their knowledge and time.  They inspired me to want to do the same. I believe that ultimately when we play we should hear the drum or percussion part that serves the music best and simply “play what we hear”.

In order to achieve this I have developed a unique way of teaching limb independence, technique and creativity that utilizes the methods I learned from my great teachers in addition to my own material.

Utilizing these multiple techniques in musical settings I have constructed the method so students can “play” what they’ve practiced. I have taught students of all levels and ages and I understand with each student different approaches may work better than others.  My goal is to create a course of study that meets that particular student’s situation and needs.

In addition to teaching privately I have been a substitute teacher at The Musicians Institute, taught percussion and keyboard in the LAUSD Super School Program and currently am a percussion coach at A. C. Stell and A. E. Wright Middle Schools in the Las Virgenes School District and at The Yavneh Academy. Even in a classroom setting I’ve found that you have to be aware of each student’s needs so that they have a successful learning experience.

To discuss rates and other information regarding private instruction, contact Jeff Stern.